• Christian Atmosphere
  • Frog Street Press, Handwriting Without Tears curriculum
  • Music and Movement
  • Daily Chapel
  • Dual Language Pre-K

Academic Foundation

At St. Timothy Preschool, we know the importance of creating a safe environment for children to learn. Many elementary school teachers in the area recommend St. Timothy Preschool based on the academic preparedness they observe in the students who have attended our preschool. St. Timothy teachers strive to provide the best in academic education while focusing on the Early Learning Standards.

Play to Learn

Children at the preschool level learn best through exploring the world around them. Teachers utilize learning centers to guide children as they learn each of the Early Learning Standards and develop social skills. Daily recess allows children to develop gross motor skills while encouraging physical health. We have secure playgrounds with age-appropriate equipment for each class, and a gym for inclement weather days.

Chapel Time

Children in our older two-year-olds through Pre-K classes attend chapel in the morning to hear a Bible story and sing praise and worship songs. Children also learn a new Bible verse each month and celebrate their birthdays.

Dual Language Pre-K

In addition to the traditional English instruction using Frog Street Press and other curriculum, they also are introduced to the Spanish language through music, books, and focused teaching time in Spanish only. The average daily goal is to teach 75% in English, 25% in Spanish. We highly encourage the dual language students to enroll for at least 4 days to help with their preparation for kindergarten.



Teacher to Student Ratio


2 to 7


2 to 8

Young Twos

2 to 11

Older Twos

2 to 12

Jr. Pre-K

2 to 14


2 to 16